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Clean Fuels

Developing the clean fuel supply chain for the Pacific Northwest Power, Transportation and Industrial Sectors


Combining renewable power generation and established electrolysis technologies to produce low-cost, zero-emission fuel. 

Obsidian is a partner to the region’s public utility districts and rural electric coops in engineering, developing, storing and delivering clean hydrogen to the site of gas power plants. 

Additionally, Obsidian deploys methane pyrolysis technologies at sites where availability of renewable energy or water limit electrolysis. Integrating methane pyrolysis with existing natural gas supply to the region, can capture carbon prior to combustion and deliver clean burning hydrogen for electricity generation.

Synthetic Natural Gas

Combining biogenic sources of carbon with green hydrogen to produce synthetic natural gas. 

Obsidian collaborates with PNW power and gas utilities, refineries and other industrial gas users on projects that optimize dispatchable power resource while reducing fossil methane consumption.


eMethanol and Other Alternative Fuels

Producing sustainable liquid fuels from biomass using, thermochemical conversion, carbon capture and sequestration. 

Obsidian is developing projects to convert PNW forest residue and sawdust to clean burning biomethanol. As an alternative to bunker fuel and diesel, eMethanol has the potential to deliver substantial reductions in carbon emissions from the maritime shipping industry.