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Clean Energy Services

On the ground development services for renewable energy and clean fuels projects

Obsidian leverages extensive experience in renewable energy development and deep ties with stakeholders across the Pacific Northwest to achieve positive outcomes in the following areas:

Joint Project Development


Strategic Relationships and Joint Ventures

Obsidian works with financial and operational partners from early-stage development through commercial operation. We invest deeply in strategic relationships and deploy capital and services alongside partners  that share our vision for low carbon, low emission solutions across the power, transportation, industrial and technology sectors.  Our experience, reputation, and relationships benefit our project partners, in particular those who might be new to the region.


Hybrid Project Development for Electric Utilities, Electric Coops & Independent Power Producers

Obsidian partners with electric utilities and coops throughout the West to develop additional renewable energy resources and establish low emission fuel supply to new or existing gas power plants. We specialize in hybrid projects that integrate new renewable energy resources with hydrogen and SNG production, storage and delivery for clean, dispatchable power. We have expertise in electrolysis, biomass gasification, thermochemical conversion, methanation and gas combustion systems. 


We provide qualified verification services in the areas of hydrogen production tax credit eligibility, carbon capture credits, well-to-gate greenhouse emissions and energy attribute certificates.