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Innovation for the Pacific Northwest
Clean Energy Transition

We support the regions’ electric power, transportation and industrial sectors with development of renewable electricity, energy storage, and clean fuels, including hydrogen, synthetic natural gas and biomethanol.


Renewable Electricity and Clean Fuel for Utilities

Obsidian is a leading regional developer of utility-scale, renewable energy projects and low-carbon, low-emission fuels for use in gas-fired power plants. 

Long-Duration Energy Storage Solutions

We design and develop hybrid renewable energy generation and storage systems capable of delivering days (not hours) of clean, dispatchable power. 


Clean Power Programs for the Region’s New Large Loads

Obsidian collaborates with regional utility districts and electricity providers to develop clean power solutions for new large loads.  Through thoughtful partnership, we can develop, structure and deliver wholesale power products that help preserve legacy electricity costs for rate payers while meeting the low carbon goals of the PNW tech sector.

Clean Hydrogen and Biomethanol for the Transportation Sector

We are advancing development of clean fuel production and storage facilities to serve Pacific Ocean freight vessels, West Coast interstate trucking and heavy equipment.