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PNW Utilities and Independent Power Producers

Obsidian is developing new renewable energy resources and low – carbon fuel production centers to service Utilities and Independent Power Producers across Oregon and Washington

Corporate Partnerships

We work with best – in – class electrolysis, methanation and gas storage equipment providers to create lowest cost, low – carbon fuel supply chains. Our development partners include utilities, independent power producers, electrolyzer manufacturers, hydrogen combustion turbine and fuel cell manufacturers, methanation equipment providers, gas storage and pipeline equipment suppliers, engineering services firms and EPC contractors.

Commitment to Community

We live here, we work here. Obsidian is deeply committed to the PNW and rural communities across Oregon and Washington. We have a long track record of successful project development in the PNW and a culture rooted in innovation, expertise, honesty and c ollaboration. We are committed to realizing lasting community benefits in the form of new, low – cost energy resources, increased tax – revenues, job training and economic development. We support local school districts, skilled union labor and long – term job – creation, particularly in areas of renewable energy and low – carbon fuels.

Industry & Trade Associations