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Renewable Projects

Lakeview 500

Obsidian developed a 500 kW solar photovoltaic installation outside of Lakeview, Oregon, through Pacific Power’s Oregon Solar Incentive Program in 2013. Construction was completed in December, 2013. The system uses a single-axis tracking system, and will generate almost one million kilowatt hours of energy per year. The Lakeview 500 project neighbors the Lakeview 363 project and the Lakeview 4H Farm project. Data from all three projects will be fed to monitors at the local high school and the Lake County Resources Initiative office, so students can study the systems and compare their output.

The Team

Developer: Obsidian Renewables, LLC
EPC Contractor: Swinerton Builders
Electrical: Oregon Electric Group (an MDU Company)


Modules: Trina 285 watt modules
Inverters: Advanced Energy 500 kW inverters
Racking Solaria STS-Horizontal Tracking System

Community Relations

Obsidian Renewables believes that the support of local public and private entities, as well as citizens of surrounding communities, is important to the success of each facility. Obsidian Renewables experiences an overwhelmingly positive response from the communities in which it is working. When available, Obsidian Renewables intends to use local skilled workers in the construction, installation, and management of its solar facilities.

Lakeview 500 1

Lakeview 500 2