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Lakeview 4h Farm

The Lakeview 4H Farm is a partnership between Obsidian Renewables, Lake County 4H, Lakeview School District, and the Lake County Resource Initative. Obsidian has donated the land adjacent to the Lakeview Solar project for a new facility housing animals under Lakeview's 4H program.

The electrical needs of the facility are met by an on-site 10 kW fixed-axis solar array. Students have space to raise their animals, as well as the ability to learn about the photovoltaic energy powering the facility. Data from this array is fed to monitors at Lakeview High School and the Lake County Resources Initiative office, to facilitate students’ ability to study the system. Data is also fed from three neighboring solar facilities that are mounted on single-axis trackers, allowing students to compare the output of a fixed system against single-axis tracking systems.

Construction of this facility was completed in the fall of 2013.

4H Solar 1

4H Solar 2

4H Solar 3